‘Baked with LOVE’ 

A kitchen is typically equipped with a stove, sink with hot and cold running water, refrigerator and worktops. 

Vastu experts believe that the kitchen is the best place to attain better health and improve motivation.

As per Vastu, the kitchen represents the element of fire and a fine balance of energies will always ensure positivity, good health, and happiness.

Let’s talk of the ideal placement for the kitchen.

 • Ideal placement of kitchen is South-East as of the fire element. 

        Somehow SOUTH-EAST is busy we can always shift it to NORTHWEST. As of the somehow sun direction changes , energies tebd to change simultaneously. So the best placement is said to be the SOUTH-EAST as the sun rays are very our and are good for females. 

 • Kitchen objects like gas stoves, microwaves, cylinder, oven and other appliances should be placed in the SOUTH-EAST part of the kitchen.

 • Always try that the chef’s face while cooking is at the Eastside. 

This ensures the positivity all over the area.

 •  Washbasins and any other cooking ranges such as cylinder, oven or etc. should NEVER be placed at the same platform. but can be placed parallel to each other because both of the elements (fire and water) are opposed to each other. Thereby causing a negative or a bad impact on a person’s behavior.

And practically also, placing both of the components on the same platform sounds bad because one side you’re making new things and at the same time you have leftovers or dirty utensils, which is not a good sign to a healthy kitchen. 

 • Washbasins, Washing machine, water pipe , kitchen drainage system should always be planned on NORTH or NORTHEAST direction as it complements the air and water elements which is said to be drained off quickly as it has a good ventilation power.

 • Overhead tanker can be planned on the NORTHWEST or WEST direction of the kitchen. although overhead tanker should be placed outside the kitchen only in the WEST direction of our house to create some balance between fire and water. It will prosper wealth and health both. 

 • Refrigerators are suggested at the SOUTHWEST direction of the kitchen as the SW direction has a high storage capacity of 75-100% .

As per Vastu, it is also believed that it helps in overcoming the obstacles in life by creating a peaceful environment in the kitchen.

 • Most of the kitchen storage should be done at the SOUTHWEST area because of the same reason as above. As it also invites good luck and Prosperity. 

 • Windows should be given at NORTHWEST , NORTH, EAST as it serves the fresh and cool air and invites positivity and good vibes.

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